Author: Kirin Asahi

I was having a lot of problems today moving the SFTP backup target for a Cisco Unified CCX system. To cut a long story short (and it took a bloody long time to work this out!), the problem was with the ciphers that were being made available by the SSHD service on the new backup target.

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Today I had to setup wireless access for a group of PCs that were to be used in a training room where wired access was limited. To solve this problem I implemented an alternate login method for the existing wireless network that used the AD computer account to authenticate using Protected EAP-MSCHAPv2. This way the PCs connected to the wireless network before anyone logged in.

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I recently had some drama with a few NetScaler Virtual Servers that weren’t being monitored. I made some modifications to a script I had written previously (which was inspired by Markus Kraus from My Cloud-(R)evolution) and created a Custom sensor for PRTG. The script queries the powerful Citrix NITRO API on the NetScaler to retrieve a JSON…

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I have recently been involved in some security audit work and found myself having to replace the self signed SSL certificates used by the secure HTTP service on a number of Cisco 3850 switches. It was a bit fiddly so I thought it deserved a post to cover the steps I went through.

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A client recently needed to be able to use PRTG to monitor the state of an IPSec VPN Tunnel that was terminated on their Palo Alto Firewall array. Palo Alto firewalls have a very useful REST API so I was able to modify a Power Shell script that I had created previously to get the job done.

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Having an intelligent, scalable and easily searchable consolidation point for log files is a very useful capability. Graylog is an open source project that is able to ingest logs from a wide variety of sources and provides very useful visualisation, processing and alerting capabilities. This post will go through the details of how to install a single server instance of Graylog 2.3 onto Ubuntu 16.04.

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