Autostarting an Application in Unity on Ubuntu Mate

I have been messing around with Cisco ISE and wired network authentication recently and noticed that I was having an issue with a Unity desktop application starting before MAB authentication had finished which caused the application to fail to start.

I was using Remmina on a Raspberry Pi as an RDP client to access a Windows RDS Server and display status screens from various monitoring applications. I already had Remmina configured to auto start, I just needed to delay it by about 60 seconds until the network auth had done its thing.

It took a while to find the right settings, turned out to be fairly simple!

In the home directory of the user who you is logging into the GUI, go to the .config/autostart directory. Assuming you have already set your application to autostart, open the .desktop file (in my case it was remmina.desktop) and add the following lines:


Where the delay value is the number of seconds you wish to wait before starting the application.

Job done!

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